Lee Precision advertises their Load Master reloading press as "The finest reloader made". I agree, especially if you factor in the cost. For much less that other makers' stripped down progressive presses, you get a progressive press with auto indexing and a case feeder. Sure, they can be a little tricky to set up and have their quirks, but that's why I and the others here have put their efforts into making videos to help beginners to get top notch results from day one. Watch the videos, visit the forums and




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Notice: Many people have written to Shadowdog and me over the last year thanking us for our videos, saying that they made the setup of their Load Master press easy and effortless. Having said that, our methods sometimes do not follow the official way of doing things as expressed in Lee Precision's excellent videos. Beginners should at least take a look at those videos in order to see how they do it at the factory before following the advice in the videos posted here. We have made these videos based on our own experiences setting up and using our Load Master presses. If you have any questions or comments about the videos, Load Masters or any Lee Precision product, feel free to visit our forums. Thank you.

  Mike's Reloading Bench

Mike has come up with several modifications that absolutely solve  problems common with the Load Master press.
 He also sells products that improve the operation of the Load Master greatly.

Watch him operating his press

Darwin's Load Master Videos

Basic Setup

Setting up a Load Master
Setting Up a Powder Measure

New Setup video 23 minutes long

Tips, Mods and Troubleshooting

Primer Tips
A Short Video About the Case Feeder
Reloading With a Load Master
Caliber Change
Bullet Seating Tip
Separate Depriming and Resizing
Indexing Problems
Tipped Primers

Shadowdog's Load Master Videos

Basic Setup

Case Feeder and Demo of Case Feeder
Case Feeder Setup
Lubrication of the Load Master

Tips, Mods and Troubleshooting

Adding Primers
Animation of Primer System
Animation of Primer System Side View
Theory of Priming System - Part 1
Theory of Priming System - Part 2
Theory of Priming System - Part 3
Manually Feeding Cases
Primer Depth for Subsequent Calibers
Full caliber change including case feeder and powder measure
9mm Case Collator Modification
Chain to Rod Conversion
Bullet Feeder Theory
Bullet Feeder Setup
Indexing Fix
Performing Ejector Mod

slwroln's video on LED lights

Helg fixes the bullet feeder so it doesn't drop bullets when no case is present

Benedict1's Reloading Videos

Benedict1 Running a Load Master
Safety Primer Demo
Safety Primer Setup

Uncle Don's Reloading Video

Uncle Don -17 rounds in one minute

Liberty4Ever's Reloading Videos

The Easy Way To Load A Lee Primer Tray
Lee Load-Master Reloading Press Operation
Lee Safety Prime - Priming .223 Brass
Lee Load Master .223 Turret Style Reloading
Lee Load Master .223 Progressive Reloading
.223 Case Preparation - RCBS Case Prep Center
308 Case Prep With The RCBS Case Prep Center
Lee Zip Trim

NEW! Painless reloading of .223 on a Load Master

Citywaterman's's Load Master Videos

He sets up his Load Master Part 1

He sets up his Load Master Part 2
He sets up his Load Master Part 3
He sets up his Load Master Part 4
He sets up his Bullet Feeder

Stiffening a bench to reduce flex
Another great day at the range
 He demonstrates how the Lee Turret Press works
 He demonstrates how the set up dies on a Load Master

Hawkmoon's Turret Press Video

Reloading with a turret press

Other reloading and gun related videos

Loading 9x19mm on Lee Turret Press
Click Test of a 1911 Thumb Safety
Diggin' a hole in a basement floor
Rock solid Load Master mount
Building a reloading bench
Tim loads 20 rounds in one minute
Darwin - 100 Rounds Manual Case Feed
Darwin - 100 Rounds With a Case Feeder
Carrier Eye View of a Load Master
Darwin Loads 23 rounds in a minute
100 Rounds in 6:37

rowe_s's modified case feeder for .223